Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Showin Off

The best time to take pictures in the garden is right after a good rain.

Here's our tiny Thai peppers

the squash vine in its glory

the red russian kale, luxurious as ever

a red hmong cuke in it's teenage stage(when it's super yellow)

last hurrah for the purslane---I think I'm going to rip it out later today

close up on an onion braid hanging under my patio umbrella to dry

staking the tomato jungle has helped the okra take off!

this is troubling...a baby melon growing through the fence!

jalapenos are finally coming along thanks to the serious kale pruning

here's all three bundles of onions drying under the patio umbrella!

a long shot of the farm featuring corn and potatoes

a long shot of the farm featuring tomatoes and amaranth

ancient dinosaur forest

here's an orient express cuke coming along! there are at least two more on the vine right now


my chinese cabbage...bitten up but still hanging on

chamomile growing in the cracks of the patio

my blue field corn is getting super tall!

a baby squash!

amaranth from the top. so pretty!

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  1. you are very persevere. the results are amazing isn't it? :D

    Love from Valentine Day Flowers :)