Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Been a Long Time, Pittsburgh.....

Gosh, my posting habits have been deteriorating. I apologize. Really soon things are going to be happening in the garden at a pretty speedy clip and I intend to do a decent job of documenting that. Also, I have been cooking and baking stuff (not so much recently as I've been sick and busy, but sometimes) that I have been failing to document. I'll try to get back up on that particular horse as well.
Today is a gorgeous day---one could not imagine a more perfect day for gardening. Unfortunately, it is one of the special few Saturdays when I have to go to work and miss all this loveliness. Unfortunately, Rebby was ragin in NYC last night so she won't be planting potatoes or whacking weeds or putting up the hammock. Maybe tomorrow. I have a staff meeting in the late afternoon but there will be gardening hours before that!
The big news is that we have been officially approved by the city of pittsburgh to purchase city property. It only took 3 years for that particular bit of red tape to get cut. Next, an entirely different branch of civic government needs to determine if the actual lots we want to purchase are eligible for sale. That might take a few more months, depending on the efficiency of this office. After that, we need to specifically apply to purchase those specific lots, which should take a lot less time...but again, different office, different set of logistics. Sigh.
While all this is going on, we are attempting to register our domestic partnership. The city does not make this easy either--in fact, I haven't been able to find any information on it on the city website at all. Once I conquer that, however, I can be eligible for health insurance through Rebby's work. And that will make a whole lot of people breathe easier.
Plus, we'll have a domestic partnership party and people will have to bring us stuff. ;)
Life is rolling on. We've got a lot of projects underway. We need to try to finish them one at a time. I just got a year at a glance wipe off calendar (100% ecofriendly! woo!) to help set some priorities and timelines. I'll keep ya posted.